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Encyclopedia of Environmental Management, Four Volume Set【海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】Encyclopedia of Environmental Management, Four Volume Set

Winner of an Outstanding Academic Title Award from CHOICE Magazine
Encyclopedia of Environmental Management gives a comprehensive overview of environmental problems, their sources, their assessment, and their solutions. Through in-depth entries and a topical table of contents, readers will quickly find answers to questions about specific pollution and management issues. Edited by the esteemed Sven Erik Jorgensen and an advisory board of renowned specialists, this four-volume set shares insights from more than 500 contributors-all experts in their fields.

The encyclopedia provides basic knowledge for an integrated and ecologically sound management system. Nearly 400 alphabetical entries cover everything from air, soil, and water pollution to agriculture, energy, global pollution, toxic substances, and general pollution problems. Using a topical table of contents, readers can also search for entries according to the type of problem and the methodology. This allows readers to see the overall picture at a glance and find answers to the core questions:
What is the pollution problem, and what are its sources?What is the "big picture," or what background knowledge do we need? How can we diagnose the problem, both qualitatively and quantitatively, using monitoring and ecological models, indicators, and services?How can we solve the problem with environmental technology, ecotechnology, cleaner technology, and environmental legislation?How do we address the problem as part of an integrated management strategy? This accessible encyclopedia examines the entire spectrum of tools available for environmental management. An indispensable resource, it guides environmental managers to find the best possible solutions to the myriad pollution problems they face.

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